Ödön Farkas


"Lordship Lane Station" (1871), oil on canvas, 45 x 73 cm, of the painter Camille Pissarro, contemporary of Farkas (Courtauld Institute Galleries, London)


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The musician Ödön (Edmund) Farkas was born in Puszta-Monostor in 1851, the same year of the composers Abbà Cornaglia, Benoît, Blockx, Chapí (y Lorente), Chvála, Coronaro, Falchi, Ferrari, Gallignani, Grillet, Indy, Klauwell, Ratez, Röder. He died in Cluj-Napoca on the 11th September 1912

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Ödön Farkas


"Radó és Ilonka" was performed in 1875

"Bajadér" was performed on the 23rd of August 1876 in Buda

"Vezeklök" was performed in 1893 in Cluj

"Tündérforrás" has been represented in Cluj in 1893

"Balassa Bálint" was performed on the 16th of Jenuary 1896 in Budapest

"Tetemrehivás" was performed in Budapest on the 5th of October 1900

"Kurucvilág" was performed on the 26th of October 1906 in Budapest

"Ideiglenes házasság" was performed in (?)

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