Fred Elizalde


"Complex Presentiment: Half-Figure in a Yellow Shirt" (1928), oil on canvas, 99 x 79 cm, of the painter Kasimir Malevich, contemporary of Elizalde (Russian Museum, St. Petersburg)

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The musician Fred (Federico) Elizalde was a author of vocal and instrumental music; was born in Manila on the 12nd December 1908, the same year of the composers Akses, Avidom, Bartos, Biriukov, Borlenghi, Brero, Brüggemann, Carter, Daniel-Lesur, Ernesaks, Gerber, Goleminov, Grothe, Heinemann, Kapp, Kepitis, Koppel, Lang, Larsson, Linstead, Lupi, Maggioni, Makarova, Margola, Messiaen, Muradeli, Nielsen, Nin-Culmell, Rossellini, Sacramento, Seidel, Sivic, Staempfli, Suchon, Tarp, Toduta, Turski, Tveitt. He died in Manila on the 16th Jenuary 1979

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Fred Elizalde

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