Jean Baptiste Edouard Dupuy


"The Marquise D'Orvilliers" (1790), oil on canvas, 51 5/8 x 38 5/8 in, of the painter Jacques-Louis David, contemporary of Dupuy (Musee du Louvre, Paris)

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The musician Jean Baptiste Edouard Dupuy, who wrote music for orchestra, chamber and vocal music, was born in Corcelles in 1770, the same year of the composers Adrien, Beethoven, Ebers, Glachant, Hewitt, Orgitano, Paganini, Reicha, Schikaneder, Schneider, Schubert, Titov. He died in Stoccolma on the third April 1822

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Jean Baptiste Edouard Dupuy

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"De ädelmodige bönderna" was performed on the 10th of February 1797 in Stoccolma

"Les trois fermiers" has been represented in Dezède

"Ungdom og galskap eller List over list" was performed on the 19th of May 1806 in Copenaghen

"Föreningen" was performed on the 2nd of Jenuary 1815 in Stoccolma

"Björn Jernsida" has been represented in (?)

"Felicie eller Den romanska flickan" was performed in Stoccolma on the 19th of December 1821


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