"Mont Sainte-Victoire" (1897), oil on canvas, 81 x 100.5 cm, of the painter Paul Cézanne, contemporary of Dupuis (Hermitage, St Petersburg)

Albert Dupuis

Albert Dupuis


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Albert Dupuis was born in Verviers on the first March 1877, the same year of the composers Aroca y Ortega, Aubert, Beach, Bortkiewicz, Brediceanu, Camussi, Castillo, Chesnokov, Cools, Cuvillier, Dohnányi, Dunhill, Farwell, Gedike, Hess, Huré, Jelmoli, Krstic, Ladmirault, Marsick, Medins, Mojsisovics(-Mojsvár), Nowowiejski, Radoux-Rogier, Smith, Stojanovic. He died in Bruxelles on the 19th September 1967

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"Bilitis" was performed in Verviers in 1899

"Jean Michel" was performed in Bruxelles on the 4th of Jenuary 1903

"Martille" was performed on the 3rd of March 1905 in Bruxelles

"Fidélaine" was performed on the 10th of March 1910 in Liège

"Le Château de la Grande Bretèche" was performed in Nice on the 28th of March 1913

"La Chanson d'Halewyn" was performed in Antwerpen on the 14th of February 1914

"La Passion" was performed on the 2nd of April 1916 in Monte Carlo

"La Captivité de Babylone" has been represented in (?)

"La Barrière" has been represented in Verviers in 1920

"La Délivrance" was performed on the 19th of December 1918 in Verviers

"Le Sacrifice" was performed in 1921 in Antwerpen

"La Victoire" was performed on the 28th of March 1923 in Bruxelles

"Ce n'était qu'un rêve" was performed in 1935 in Antwerpen

"Hassan" has been represented in Bruxelles in 1938

"Drame sous Philippe II" was performed on the 18th of Jenuary 1938 in Bruxelles


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