"Irises" (1889), oil on canvas, 92 x 73.5 cm, of the painter Vincent Van Gogh, contemporary of Drdla (Rijksmuseum Vincent van Gogh, Amsterdam)

Frantisek Alois Drdla

Frantisek Alois Drdla


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The composer Frantisek Alois (Franz) Drdla was born in Zdár nad Sázavou on the 28th November 1869, the same year of the composers Cook, Giannetti, Hinton, Kalafati, Kazanly, Levadé, Melcer(-Szczawinski), Pfitzner, Poldini, Prohaska, Roussel. He died in Bad Gastein (Österreich) on the third September 1944

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"Zláta sít" (Das goldene Netz) was performed in 1916 in Lipsia

"Komtesa z prodejny" (Die Ladenkomtesse) was performed in Brno in 1917

"Bohyne lásky" (r. Zláta sít) was performed in 1941 in Brno


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