Nicolas Daneau


"A Carnival Evening" (1886), oil on canvas, 106.9 x 89.3 cm, of the painter Henri Rousseau, contemporary of Daneau (Museum of Art, Philadelphia)

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The musician Nicolas Daneau, author of instrumental and vocal music, was born in Binche on the 17th June 1866, the same year of the composers Abbiate, Baussnern, Berutti, Busoni, Cilea, Clutsam, Cole, Doret, Drysdale, Duncan, Döbber, Fedeli, Felix, Hollaender, Kalinnikov, Kaskel, Korn, Lincke, Lucas, Rebikov, Röhr, Satie, Scharrer, Strauss. He died in Bruxelles on the 12nd July 1944

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Nicolas Daneau

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"Linario" has been represented in Tournai in 1906

"Myrtis" was performed in Tournai in 1910

"Le Sphynx" has been represented in (?)

"La Brute" was performed in (?)


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