"The White Horse" (1898), oil on canvas, 140 x 91 cm, of the painter Paul Gauguin, contemporary of Cortolezis (Musee d'Orsay, Paris)

Fritz Cortolezis

Fritz Cortolezis


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The composer Fritz Cortolezis was a author of vocal and instrumental music; was born in Passau on the 21 February 1878, the same year of the composers Boughton, Daniels, Dobronic, Dupont, Ehrenberg, Farjeon, Gaito, Holbrooke, Holland, Kollo, Lieurance, Mildenberg, Mraczek, Nelson, Oddone Sulli-Rao, Palmgren, Pedrell, Pedrollo, Philip, Reichwein, Reinitz, Schreker, Siklós, Tommasini. He died in Bad Aibling on the 13rd March 1934

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"Rosemarie" has been represented in 1919 in Bremen

"Das verfemte Lochen" was performed on the 28th of Jenuary 1924 in Rostock

"Der verlorene Gulden" was performed in Wroclaw on the 1st of March 1928

"Das kristallene Herz" was performed in 1934


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