François Collin (Colin) de Blamont


"The Italian Comedy" (1714), oil on canvas, 37 x 48 cm, of the painter Jean-Antoine Watteau, contemporary of Collin (Colin) de Blamont (Staatliche Museen, Berlin)


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The musician François Collin (Colin) de Blamont was a author of vocal and instrumental music; was born in Versailles on the 22nd November 1690, the same year of the composers Baccelli, Baldassare, Barsanti, Bergiron, Brescianello, Chelleri, Ciampi, Giai, Porta, Prota, Stölzel, Tessarini. He died in Versailles on the 14th February 1760

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François Collin (Colin) de Blamont


"Le Retour des dieux sur la terre" was performed in 1725

"Les Presents des dieux" has been represented in 1727

"Les Fêtes du labyrinthe" has been represented in 1728

"La Caprice d'Erato ou Les Caractères de la musique" has been put on the stage in October 1730

"Endymion" was performed on the 17th of May 1731 in Parigi (Théâtre de l'Opéra)

"La Nymphe de la Seine" was performed in 1739

"Le Jardin des Hesperides" has been represented in 1739

"Zéphire et Flore" has been performed in November 1739

"L'Heureux retour de la reine" was performed in 1744

"Jupiter vainqueur des Titans" was performed in 1745

"Les Regrets des beaux-arts" was performed in (?)

"Il pastor fido" was performed in (?)

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