Ruy Coelho


"Elasticity" (1912), oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm, of the painter Umberto Boccioni, contemporary of Coelho (Collection Dr. Riccardo Jucker, Milan)

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The musician Ruy Coelho was a author of vocal and instrumental music; was born in Alcaçer do Sal on the second March 1892, the same year of the composers Abraham, Andriessen, Barlow, Bordewijk-Roepman, Castro, Darwish, Deutsch, Ghedini, Glínski, Hemel, Honegger, Jarnach, Jeppesen, Jeremiás, Klein, Kvapil, Lajtha, Lourié, Milhaud, Moser, Petridis, Petyrek, Rosenberg, Roters, Tailleferre. He died in Lisbona on the 5th May 1986

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Ruy Coelho

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"Serão da infanta" was performed in 1913

"Crisfal" was performed in 1919

"Auto do berço" was performed in 1920

"Rosas de todo o ano" was performed on the 30th of May 1940 in Lisbona

"Belkiss" was performed on the 9th of June 1928 in Lisbona

"Inês de Castro" was performed on the 15th of Jenuary 1925 in Lisbona

"Cavaleiro das mãos irrestiveis" was performed in 1926

"Freira de beja" has been represented in 1927

"Tá-mar" has been represented in 1936

"Dom João IV" was performed on the 1st of December 1940 in Lisbona

"A feira" has been represented in 1942

"Entre giestas" was performed in 1946

"A rosa de papel" was performed on the 18th of December 1947 in Lisbona

"Auto da barca do Inferno" was performed on the 15th of Jenuary 1950 in Lisbona

"Inês Pereira" was performed in 1952

"O vestido de noiva" was performed on the 4th of Jenuary 1959 in Lisbona

"Auto da alma" was performed in 1960

"Orfeu em Lisbona" was performed in 1966

"Auto da barca da gloria" has been represented in 1970


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