Theodore Ward Chanier


"Composition with Blue, Yellow, Black, and Red" (1922), oil on canvas, 53 x 54 cm, of the painter Piet Mondrian, contemporary of Chanier (Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart)

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The musician Theodore Ward Chanier was a author of vocal and instrumental music; was born in Newport on the 29th April 1902, the same year of the composers Arámbarri y Gárate, Balasanian, Brenta, Brunswick, Chemin-Petit, Fere, Giuranna, Jesinghaus, Kalas, Kiladze, Kondracki, Kryukov, Kurzbach, Logar, Lothar, Manschinger, Micheelsen, Mortari, Nastasijevic, Poradowski, Rudnytsky, Savagnone, Shebalin, Stoyanov, Suchý, Svara, Szabó. He died in Boston on the 27th July 1961

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Theodore Ward Chanier

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"The Pot of Fat" was performed in Cambridge on the 8th of May 1955


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