Fritz Behrend


"Combat of a Tiger and a Buffalo" (1909), oil on canvas, 46 x 55 cm, of the painter Henri Rousseau, contemporary of Behrend (Hermitage, St. Petersburg)


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The musician Fritz (Gustav) Behrend was born in Berlino on the third March 1889, the same year of the composers Cotapos (Baeza), Davico, Deshevov, Gibbs, Gilardi, Henry, Jeremiás, La Prade, Loomis, Ludwig, Paunovic, Petrzelka, Sirola, Toye. Died in Berlino on the 29th December 1972

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Fritz Behrend


"König Renés Töchter" was performed in 1919

"- 3 Hans Sachs-Spiele" was performed in (?)

"-- Der schwangere Bauer" was performed in Berlino in 1949

"Die lächerlichen Preziösen" was performed on the 22nd of May 1949 in Berlino

"Die Tänzerin des Himmels" has been represented in Augsburg in 1929

"Almansor" was performed in 1931

"Dorn röschen" was performed in 1934

"Der Wunder doktor" has been represented in 1947

"Der fahrende Schüler im Paradies" has been represented in 1949

"Der Spiegel" was performed in 1950

"Romantische Komödie" was performed in 1953

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