Franz Ignaz Beck


"The Musical Contest" (1754), oil on canvas, 62 x 74 cm, of the painter Jean Honore Fragonard, contemporary of Beck ( Wallace collection, London)

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The musician Franz Ignaz (François) Beck was born in Mannheim on the 20th February 1734, the same year of the composers Gossec, Kamienski, La Borde, Ordonez, Rey, Santos. Died in Bordeaux on the 31th December 1809

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Franz Ignaz Beck

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"La Belle jardinière" was performed in Bordeaux on the 24th of August 1767

"La Fête d'Astrée" was performed on the 28th of August 1786 in Bordeaux

"Pandore" was performed on the 2nd of July 1789 in Parigi (Théâtre de Monsieur)

"L'Île déserte" was performed in (?)

"Mahomet" was performed in (?)

"La Mort d'Orphée" has been represented in (?)


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