Robert (Reynolds) Ashley


"Takka Takka" (1962), oil on canvas, 173 x 143 cm, of the painter Roy Lichtenstein, contemporary of Ashley (Museum Ludwig, Cologne)

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The musician Robert (Reynolds) Ashley, who wrote music for orchestra, chamber and vocal music, was born in Ann Arbor on the 28th March 1940, the same year of the composers Boguslawski, Bon, Henderson, Medek, Moore, Morthenson, Rhodes.

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Robert (Reynolds) Ashley

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"In Memoriam... Kit Carson" has been represented in 1963

"That Morning Thing" was performed on the 8th of February 1968 in Ann Arbor

"Music with Roots in Aether" was performed in 1976

"Perfect Lives", Television opera in 7 Episodi, was performed in 1980

"The Lessons" was performed in 1981

"Atalanta" was performed in 1982

"Atalanta Strategy" has been represented in 1984

"When Opportunity Knocks" was performed in 1985

"Foreign Experiences" has been represented in 1985

"El Aficionado" was performed in 1987

"My Brother Called" was performed in 1989


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