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Claude Arrieu was a author of vocal and instrumental music; was born in Parigi on the 30th November 1903, the same year of the composers Azmayparashvili, Berkeley, Blacher, Blanter, Bogdanov-Berezovsky, Britain, Douglas, Duke, Giannini, Goldschmidt, Kadosa, Karyotakis, Lavry, Lopatnikov, Meytus, Milford, Milyutin, Nabokov. Died in Parigi on the 7th March 1990

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"Noé" was performed on the 29th of Jenuary 1950 in Strasbourg

"Cadet-Roussel" was performed on the 2nd of October 1953 in Marseilles

"Les Deux rendez-vous" was performed in 1951

"Le Chapeau à musique" was performed in 1953

"La Princesse de Babylone" was performed in Rheims on the 4th of March 1960

"La Cabine téléphonique" was performed on the 15th of March 1959 in Parigi

"Cymbeline" has been represented in 1963

"Balthazar ou Le Mort vivant" was performed in 1966

"Un Clavier pour un autre" was performed in 1971 in Avignon

"Barberius" has been represented in 1972

"The Love of Don Perlimpin and Belisa in His Garden" was performed on the 1st of March 1980 in Tours

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"La Cote d'Azur" (1923), oil on canvas, 79 x 76 cm, of the painter Pierre Bonnard, contemporary of Arrieu (The Phillips Collection, Washington)

Claude Arrieu

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