"Majas on a Balcony" (1808), oil on canvas, 162 x 107 cm, of the painter Francisco Goya, contemporary of Alyabyev (Private collection)

Alexander Nilolaievich Alyabyev

Alexander Nilolaievich Alyabyev


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Alexander Nilolaievich Alyabyev (Aliabiyev) was born in Tobolsk on the 15th August 1787, the same year of the composers Berwald, Brambilla, Böhner, Carafa, Gilfert, Guhr. He died in Mosca on the 6th March 1851

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"Lunnaya noch', ili Domovïye" has been represented in 1822

"Burya" has been performed in carnival 1825

"Volshebnaya noch'" was performed in 1839

"Bezumnaya" has been represented in 1841

"Rïbak i rusalka, ili Zloye zel'ye" has been represented in 1843

"Ammalet-Bek" was performed in 1847

"Edwin i Oscar" was performed in (?)


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