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IGS 2023

Deconstructing Mozart: An Analytical Review of the Controversial 1784-1791 Catalogue

In the scholarly publication 'Mozart: The Construction of a Genius' from 2018, the authors meticulously examine a personal catalogue purportedly penned by Mozart between the years 1784 and 1791. Through detailed analysis, the text illuminates numerous contradictions, providing compelling evidence that this document is, in fact, a fabrication from the final decade of the 18th century, a period postdating Mozart's demise.

Mozart - The Construction of a Genius

Mozart - La costruzione di un genio

This enlightening volume deciphers the myriad of myths enshrouding Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, shedding light on how portrayals of his genius have been manipulated for diverse purposes. It explores the transition of Mozart's image from a means to mitigate Constanze's financial distress to a representation of national valour and, subsequently, a commercial label, demonstrating how his myth has morphed through the ages.

What dynamics post-1791 contributed to the moulding of Mozart's lasting myth? This pivotal work by scholars Luca Bianchini and Anna Trombetta delves into biographical facts, musical compositions, and pertinent writings to unveil a disconcerting reality: the esteemed Mozart's Thematic Catalogue, spanning February 9th, 1784, to November 15th, 1791, is an intricate forgery from the late 18th century.

This revelation is corroborated by the scholarly paper 'A Questionable Catalogue', presented by the authors in October 2023 at the 21st International Conference of the Graphonomics Society at the University of √Čvora, Portugal.

"Groundbreaking revelations poised to reshape the acknowledged Mozart catalogues are intricately detailed in this work for the inaugural time."

- Luigi Picardi, Radio Author of Vatican Radio.

"I am delighted that our research has provided evidence to support the proposition, made by Luca Bianchini and Anna Trombetta, that the Thematic Catalogue is not what it purports to be; we have concluded that it is a counterfeit document."

- Professor Martin Jarvis.