Challenging Mozart's Catalogue: A Forensic Analysis

A Presentation at the IGS 2023 Conference, University of Évora, Portugal

Challenging Mozart's Catalogue: A Forensic Analysis

At the University of Évora in Portugal, during the International IGS 2023 Conference on forensic handwriting analyses and examinations, we presented our scientific paper on the catalogue that Mozart is believed to have written from 1784 to 1791. This paper, having passed a double peer review, is titled "A Questionable Catalogue".

We developed software in C# capable of comparing all of Mozart's letters and his musical manuscripts with the graphic marks of the thematic catalogue of works, hitherto considered an autograph and primary reference source. Through an objective computerised comparison of the handwriting, it transpires that the catalogue is, in fact, a forgery created at the end of the 18th century, several years after Mozart's death.

This revelation has profound implications for Mozart cataloguing.

If you wish to know more about this scientific article that revolutionizes Mozart cataloging, write to the authors at the following email address:

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International Traetta Award

After a 12-year hiatus, the award returns to Italy!

The Traetta Society is delighted to announce that this year's 14th International Traetta Award (Traetta Award) has been presented to Anna Trombetta and Luca Bianchini. They are being recognised for their "passion in musicological research on primary sources of the European musical repertoire, with significant contributions to the redefinition of 18th-century music historiography."


Unearthing Hidden Musical Treasures in Bayreuth

Rediscovering Classical Masterpieces

To truly appreciate the expansive horizon of classical compositions, one might journey to Germany, specifically Bayreuth, best known as the heartland of Wagner's operas.

In an upcoming concert on 16th September 2023 at the illustrious Margravial Opera House, there lies an opportunity to immerse oneself in compositions that are not from the pen of Mozart, but are equally enchanting. Thanks to the meticulous transcription efforts of Luca Bianchini and Anna Trombetta, three arias will be performed in the modern era for the very first time.

The musical evening will feature Maestro Daniel Behle, who, backed by the impeccable Orchestra Concerto Köln, will present "Pensa che in campo armato" by Antonio Tozzi and "Puoi vantar le tue ritorte" by Luigi Gatti. But the pièce de résistance promises to be "Mentre ti lascio, o figlia" by Tommaso Traetta. This splendid composition originates from "Disfatta di Dario", first introduced to audiences in Venice in 1778.

Traetta's aria is particularly noteworthy for its luxuriant orchestration. Instruments such as the flute, oboe, bassoon, and horn step forth not just as mere accompaniments but as integral storytellers, weaving together an intense and poignant musical narrative.

Bayreuth's reputation might be firmly tethered to Wagner, but this concert serves as a testament that there's a vast, rich tapestry of music beyond Mozart, awaiting rediscovery and appreciation.

Mozart Through the Lens of Vatican Radio: The Scholarly Insights of Dr. Luca Bianchini and Dr. Anna Trombetta

Books on Mozart authored by musicologists Dr. Luca Bianchini and Dr. Anna Trombetta have been featured in dozens of episodes on Vatican Radio.

Mozart The Fall of the Gods

Mozart The Fall of the Gods - Part II

Mozart The Magic Flute

Mozart in Italy

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Youcanprint
Language ‏ : ‎ Italian
Pages ‏ : ‎ 504
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-1220363624

The book chronicles three pivotal years in the composer's life, from December 13, 1769, to March 13, 1773. This was a transformative period for Mozart as he began composing serious operas in Italy, all under the watchful guidance of his father, Leopold. The historical narrative of their travels is meticulously reconstructed through a myriad of primary sources, including Mozart's own autographs, letters, contemporary articles, diaries, and books from the period.

To deepen the reader's understanding, the authors have also provided insightful musical guides based on Mozart's manuscripts. Several musical examples, published here for the first time, allow readers to delve into the craft's intricacies, revealing both Wolfgang and Leopold Mozart's compositional processes.

Referring to renowned masters, writers, and notable personalities who lived 250 years ago, "Mozart in Italia" provides a vivid snapshot of Italy's musical landscape during that era.

Online Expansion

The exclusive area for readers is enhanced with audio samples, videos, unpublished documents, facsimiles of musical manuscripts, paintings, and hundreds of pages of Mozart's letters in their original language, accompanied by translations.

The online expansion also provides the unique opportunity to exclusively listen to the entire opera "Mitridate re di Ponto" by Quirino Gasparini, which served as a model for Mozart's composition of the same name.

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