"Rich and rare"
di Volkslieder (Folksongs)

Rich and rare were the gems she wore,
And a bright gold ring on her wand she bore;
But O her beauty was far beyond
Her sparkling gems and her snow-white wand.
"Lady! dost thou not fear to stray,
So lone and lovely, thro' this bleak way?
Are Erin's sons so good or so cold
As not to be tempted by woman or gold?"
"Sir Knight! I feel not the least alarm;
No son of Erin will offer me harm;
For, tho' they love woman and golden store,
Sir Knight, they love honour and virtue more!"
On she went and her maiden smile
In safety lighted her round the green isle;
And blest for ever was she who relied
Upon Erin's honour and Erin's pride!