"The white owl"
di Edith Sitwell (1887-1964)

The currants moonwhite
as Mother Bunch
In their thick-bustled leaves were
laughing like Punch;
And, ruched as their country waterfalls,
The cherried maids walk beneath
the dark walls.
Where the moonlight was falling
thick as curd
Through the cherry-branches
Said old Mrs. Bunch,
the crop-eared owl,
To her gossip:
"If once I began to howl,
I am sure that my sobs would
drown the seas -
With my "oh's and my ah's"
and my "oh dear me's!"
Everything wrong
from cradle to grave -
No money to spend,
no Money to save!"
And the currant-bush began to rustle
As poor Mrs. Bunch arranged her bustle.