"Long steel grass (Noche Espagnola)"
di Edith Sitwell (1887-1964)

Long steel grass -
The white soldiers pass -
The light is braying like an ass.
The tall Spanish jade
With hair black as night-shade
Worn as a cockade!
Her eyes' gasconade
And her gown's parade
(As stiff as a brigade!)
The hard and braying light
Is zebra'd black and white
It will take away the slight
And free,
Tinge of the mouth organ sound,
(Oyster-stall notes) oozing round
Her flounces as they sweep the ground.
Trumpet and the drum
And the martial cornet come
To make the people dumb -
But we
Won't wait for sly-foot night
(Moonlight, watered milk-white, bright)
To make clear the declaration
Of our Paphian vocation
Beside the castanetted sea,
Where stalks Il Capitaneo
Swaggart braggadocio
Sword and moustacio - He
Is green as a cassada
And his hair is an armada.
To the jade: "Come kiss me harder"
He called across the battlements as she
Heard our voices thin and shrill
As the steely grasses' thrill,
Or the sound of the onycha
When the phoca has the pica
In the palace of the Queen Chinee!