"The Fairies' Dance"
di Frank Dempster Sherman (1860-1916)

Once in the morning when the breeze
Set all the leaves astir,
And music floated from the trees
As from a dulcimer,
I saw the roses one by one,
Bow gracefully as though
A fairy dance were just begun
Upon the ground below.
The lilies white beside the walks,
Like ladies fair and tall
Together joined, in whispered talk
About a fairies' ball
The slender grasses waved along
The garden path, and I
could almost hear the fairies' song
When blew the light wind by.
I waited there till noon to hear
The elfin music sweet,
I saw the servant bees appear
In golden jackets neat;
And though I wished just once to see
The happy little elves,
They were so much afraid of me
Thy never showed themselves.