"In Cloris all soft charms agree"
di John Howe

In Cloris all soft charms agree,
Enchanting humour, pow'rful wit,
Beauty from affectation free,
And for eternal empire fit;
Where e'er she goes love waits her eyes,
The women envy, men adore;
Tho' did she less the triumph prize,
She would deserve the conquest more.
But vanity so much prevails,
She begs what else none can deny her,
And with inviting treach'rous smiles,
Gives hopes, which e'en prevent desire;
Reaches at ev'ry trifling heart,
Grows warm with ev'ry glimm'ring flame,
And common prey, so dead's her dart,
It scarce can wound a noble game.
I could lie ages at her feet,
Adore her, careless of my pain,
With tender vows her rigour meet,
Despair, love on, and not complain;
My passion from all change secur'd,
Favours may rise no frown controls;
I any torment can endure,
But hoping with a crowd of fools.