"My Old Tunes"
di Algernon Blackwood (1869-1951)

My old tunes are rather broken,
And they come from far away,
Bringing just a little token
Of a long-forgotten day;
When the children came to listen,
T'other side the garden fence,
And my heart leapt out of prison,
At the gift of seven-pence!
Just beyond the haystack's shadow,
Long ago that leafy June,
How they danced about the meadow
At the risin' of the moon!
While from out a railway carriage,
Standing ready and alight,
Stepped their guests as to a marriage
Asked to dine and stay the night!
Sweep, and Laughter danced together,
And a man who had a lamp
Capered lightly as a feather
With a lazy-looking tramp;
When a voice disturbed the Lancers:
"Children, come, it's time for bed"
Railway carriages, Sprites and Dancers
Flew up to the stars instead!
Now I am a Constellation,
Free from ev'ry earthly care,
Playing nightly at my station
For the Big and Little Bear.
But my tunes are still entrancing
As that night in leafy June,
When I caught the children dancing
With the Sprites beneath the moon!
Still the children come to hear me
In the lane or dingy street;
Still the heavy pavement near me
Flutters to their happy feet;
For my tunes are ne'er forgotten,
And they bring the scent of musk:
Grown up folk may call 'em rotten,
But I'm looked for when it's dusk!