"Why, my Daphne, why complaining?"
di anonimo

Why, my Daphne, why complaining?
And my sighs and tears disdaining.
Since not many hours are past,
When with hands lift up to Heav'n,
Then our plighted faith was giv'n,
Vowing they should ever last?
Oh, ungrateful sly deceiver,
And I easy fond believer,
To think that man could e'er be true!
This to Egla was a token,
Witness all your vows are broken,
And I, poor I, undone by you.

Could that false malicious creature
Work upon your easy nature;
Could she say that gift was mine?
No, that garland Egla gave me,
But hearts, could ne'er enslave me,
No, my life, my all is thine.
Oh! how quick my heart is beating!
Ev'ry pulse the joy repeating.
Pleas'd to find my swain so true;
Thyrsis is my only treasure,
Oh! I love beyond all measure,
And would quit the world for you.