"Love and despair"
di anonimo

Hence, fond deceiver! Hence begone!
Hence, and some tamer captive find.
Since Hope, thy best companion's flown
Away, why ling'rest thou behind?
Naked at first, and blind thou wert,
Till blunder, I alow'd thee part
In my unwary hospitable heart;
But now thou'rt so unruly grown,
You needs will make it all your own.
And in my vanquished breast
Will tyrannize alone.
Cease poor misguided wretch and know,
I'll seek some braver, nobler breast;
To some more gen'rous heart I'll go,
That will not blush to own its quest;
Blind though I was, my aim was sure,
Yet won't thy coward heart endure
The happy wound, nor wait the happier cure.

Too long have I endured the wound,
Too long indulged the raging pain,
Till I by sad experience found
The wound too sure, the cure too vain.
Thou mighty love, for such thou art,
Withdraw thy fatal, certain dart,
Or else to both a mutual flame impart,
And warm Dorinda's breast,
As thou has fired my heart.
If then thou wouldst victorious prove,
And with success thy wishes crown,
With bold assurance speak thy love,
And make thy gen'rous passion known;
When beauty calls, to whine and die,
Is cowardice, not modesty;
You by pale asking touch her to deny
And by your faint pursuit
Encourage her to fly.

In vain, fond lovers
Of you Phillis's scorn you complain;
in vain do you talk of darts and of fire,
Sigh, languish, lament and expire.
Since the nymph dares not grant
What you dare not desire,
Whilst the brisk, eager lover at his prey boldly flies,
And takes the glad captive by welcome surprise.