"While Thirsis, wrapp'd in downy sleep"
di anonimo

While Thirsis, wrapp'd in downy sleep,
Pleas'd with sweet fancies lay,
The Graces constant watch did keep,
And Cupids round him play;
Till crowds of nymphs and swains around
His tender ears invade,
With invitations to be crown'd
In this soft serenade.
"Arise, thou lovely charming swain!
Uncloud those glorious eyes,
And shine upon the longing plain,
Ah! charming youth, arise!
See where thy joyful subjects stand,
Each nymph a wreath has made;
Each swain has laurels in his hand
To crown thy lofty head."
In haste the wond'rous shepherd rose,
No dawning morn so fair,
No blooming flow'r did e'er disclose
A show or scent so rare.
Th'adoring throng with eager pace
Their welcome sov'reign meet,
And on his head their garlands place,
Themselves beneath his feet.