"In vain we dissemble"
di anonimo

In vain we dissemble, in vain do we try
To stifle our flame and check our desire;
In vain do our words our wishes deny,
There is no concealing of fire;
Tho' we're haughty and scornful, the quick sighted lover
The artifice soon may discover;
When frowning the courtship we seem to despise,
Straight with a smile
Our threats we beguile,
Invite with our looks, and speak love with our eyes.
Tho' custom we suffer our fancies to awe,
And fashion and mode o'er nature preside;
Tho' to our actions dull honour gives law,
Our thoughts their vain sway do deride;
Tho' we bid 'em be gone, still we fear lest we lose 'em,
Why have we charms unless we use 'em?
Believe not our no's, they are all a deceit,
Faint's our denial
When put to the trial,
For beauty and life without love are a cheat.