"Todlen hame"
di anonimo

When I have a six pence under my thumb,
Then I'll get credit in ilka town;
But ay, when I'm poor, they bid me gae by;
O! poverty parts good company.
Todlen hame, todlen hame,
O! cou'd na my love come todlen hame?
Fair fa' the gude wife, and send her gude sale,
She gie's us white bannocks to drink her brown ale,
Syne if her tippony chance to be sma',
We'll tak a gude scour o't and ca't awa'.
Todlen hame, todlen hame,
As round as a neep I come todlen hame.
My kimmer and I lay down to sleep,
And twa pint stoups at our bed feet;
And ay when we waken'd, we drank them dry:
What think ye of my wee kimmer and I?
Todlen but, and todlen ben,
Sae round as my love comes todlen hame.
Leez me on liquor, my todlen dow,
Ye're ay sae gude-humour'd when wetting your mou';
When sober sae sour, ye'll fight wi' a flee,
That 'tis a blyth sight to the bairns and me.
Todlen hame, todlen hame,
When round as a neep ye come todlen hame.