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Charles (Carlo) Sodi (Sody), who wrote music for orchestra, chamber and vocal music, was born in Roma in 1715, the same year of the composers Abos, Dal Barba, Delange, Helmont, Maggiore, Manna. Died in Parigi in 1788

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"Les Mandolines" was performed in 1744 in Parigi

"Les Vendangeurs" was performed in 1751 in Parigi

"Les Batteurs en grange" was performed in Parigi in 1752

"Le Jardin des fées" was performed in 1752 in Parigi

"Balocco et Serpilla" was performed on the 6th of March 1753 in Parigi (Comédie-Italienne)

"Lea Amusements champêtres" was performed in 1753 in Parigi

"Le Bal" has been represented in Parigi in 1754

"Le Charlatan" was performed in Parigi on the 17th of November 1756 (Comédie-Italienne)

"L'Amour vainqueur de la magie" has been represented in 1759 in Parigi

"La Cocagne, ou Les Jours gras de Naples" was performed in 1759 in Parigi

"La Femme orgeuilleuse" was performed on the 8th of October 1759 in Parigi (Comédie-Italienne)

"Les Troqueurs dupés" was performed in Parigi on the 6th of March 1760 (Opéra-Comique de la Foire)

"Le Bouquet" has been represented in (?)

"La Noce" was performed in (?)

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"The rake's progress: the rake in Bedlam" (1735), oil on canvas, 62.5 x 75 cm, of the painter William Hogarth, contemporary of Sodi (Sir John Soane's Museum, London)

Charles Sodi

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