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John Ernest Galliard

Johann Ernst John Ernest Galliard
(Celle 1680, Londra 1749)


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Apollo and Daphne, or The Burgomaster Trick'd

(Londra, (Lincoln) 's Inn Fields (Duke's), 14/1/1726)

Calypso and Telemachus

(Londra, (Queen) 's Theatre (Haymarket), 17/5/1712)

Calypso and Telemachus (rev)



(Londra, (Lincoln) 's Inn Fields (Duke's), 11/4/1719)

Decius and Paulina

(Londra, (Lincoln) 's Inn Fields (Duke's), 22/3/1718)

Harlequin Sorcerer, or The Loves of Pluto and Proserpine

(Londra, (Lincoln) 's Inn Fields (Duke's), 21/1/1725)

Jupiter and Europa

(Londra, (Lincoln) 's Inn Fields (Duke's), 23/3/1723)

Merlin, or The Devil of Stonehenge

(Londra, Drury Lane, 12/12/1734)


(Londra, (Lincoln) 's Inn Fields (Duke's), 1722)

Oreste e Pilade


Pan and Syrinx

(Londra, (Lincoln) 's Inn Fields (Duke's), 14/1/1718)

Perseus and Andromeda, or The Spaniard Outwitted

(Londra, (Lincoln) 's Inn Fields (Duke's), 29/1/1730)

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