"Count Potocki" (1780), oil on canvas, 304 x 218 cm, of the painter Jacques-Louis David, contemporary of Darcis (Muzeum Narodowc, Warsaw)

ItalianOPERA: sheet music, free MIDI, MP3 - DVD

François-Joseph Darcis


ItalianOPERA: sheet music, free MIDI, MP3 - DVD

The composer François-Joseph Darcis (d'Arcis), who wrote music for orchestra, chamber and vocal music, was born in Vienna in 1759, the same year of the composers Devienne, Duquesnoy, Haeffner, Leite, Paradis, Propiac, Rellstab. He died in Mosca in 1783

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"Le Bal masqué" was performed on the 31th of March 1772 in Versailles

"La Fausse peur" was performed on the 18th of July 1774 in Parigi (Comédie-Italienne)

"L'Intendant" has been put on the stage in Mosca in July 1778 (Grand T)

François-Joseph Darcis


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