Ramiro Cortés


"Takka Takka" (1962), oil on canvas, 173 x 143 cm, of the painter Roy Lichtenstein, contemporary of Cortés (Museum Ludwig, Cologne)

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The musician Ramiro Cortés, who wrote music for orchestra, chamber and vocal music, was born in Dallas on the 25th November 1933, the same year of the composers Balada, Bozic, Brumby, Charpentier, Christoff. Dimiter, Getty, Harries, Kuusisto, Linde, Lo Presti, Láng, Matuszczak, McDermott, Melikov, Mellnäs, Miyoshi, Niehaus, Penderecki, Salzman, Schafer. He died in Salt Lake City on the second July 1984

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Ramiro Cortés

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