"Portrait of Alessandro Manzoni" (1841), oil on canvas, 118 x 92 cm, of the painter Francesco Hayez, contemporary of Conradi (Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan)

August Conradi

August Conradi


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The composer August Conradi, author of instrumental and vocal music, was born in Berlino on the 27th June 1821, the same year of the composers Afanas'yev, Bottesini, Bovy-Lysberg, Byström, Dominiceti, Doppler, Maretzek, Muzio, Paniagua y Vasques. Died in Berlino on the 26th May 1873

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"Rübezahl" was performed in 1846 in Berlino

"Die Braut des Flussgottes" has been represented in 1850 in Berlino

"Musa, der letzte Maurenfürst" has been represented in 1855 in Berlino

"Die Sixtinische Madonna" has been represented in Berlino in 1864

"Knecht Ruprecht" has been represented in 1865 in Berlino

"So sind die Frauen" has been represented in (?)

"Im Weinberge des Herrn" has been represented in 1867 in Berlino

"Das schönste Mädchen im Städtchen" was performed in 1868 in Berlino


"Bänkelsängerlied", published in 1900, text of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832)


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