"The Reception of the French Ambassador in Venice" (1740), oil on canvas, 181 x 259.5 cm, of the painter Giovanni Antonio Canaletto, contemporary of Bury (Hermitage, St Petersburg)

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Bernard de Bury


ItalianOPERA: sheet music, free MIDI, MP3 - DVD

The composer Bernard de Bury (Buri) was born in Versailles on the 20th August 1720, the same year of the composers Agnesi, Agricola, Campioni, Clément, Cocchi, Corbisiero, Meyer von Schauensee, Schmid, Schürer, Scolari, Valentini. He died in Versailles on the 19th November 1785

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"Les caractères de la folie" was performed on the 20th of August 1743 in Parigi (Théâtre de l'Opéra)

"Jupiter vainqueur des Titans" was performed on the 11th of December 1745 in Versailles

"La nymphe de Versailles" was performed on the 19th of March 1746 in Versailles

"La nymphe de la Seine" was performed in 1746

"Titon et l'Aurore" was performed on the 14th of Jenuary 1750 in Versailles

"La parque vaincue" was performed in Versailles in 1751

"Hylas et Zélie" was performed on the 6th of July 1762 in Parigi (Théâtre de l'Opéra)

"Les bergers de Sceaux" has been represented in (?)

Bernard de Bury


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