"The Music Party" (1718), oil on canvas, 67 x 93 cm, of the painter Jean-Antoine Watteau, contemporary of Broschi ( Wallace collection, London)

Riccardo Broschi

Riccardo Broschi


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Riccardo Broschi (Brosca) was born in Napoli in 1698, the same year of the composers Auletta, Bioni, Johnson, Logroscino, Mion, Niel, Schiassi. He died in Madrid in 1756

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"La vecchia sorda" has been performed in autumn 1725 in Napoli (Teatro dei Fiorentini)

"L'isola di Alcina" was performed in 1728 in Roma (Teatro Tordinona)

"Idaspe" has been performed in Venezia in carnival 1730 (Teatro San Giovanni Grisostomo)

"Ezio" has been performed in carnival 1731 in Torino (Teatro Regio)

"Merope" has been performed in carnival 1732 in Torino (Teatro Regio)

"Arianna e Teseo" was performed on the 28th of August 1732 in Milano (Teatro Ducale)

"Artaserse" was performed in Londra on the 29th of October 1734 (King 's Theatre)

"Nerone" has been represented in 1735 in Roma (Teatro Tordinona)

"Anagilda" was performed in 1735

"Demetrio" was performed on the 30th of June 1738 in Napoli (Teatro San Carlo)


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