"Village Street and Stairs with Figures" (1890), oil on canvas, 73 x 92 cm, of the painter Vincent Van Gogh, contemporary of Breil (Ateneumin Taidemuseo, Helsinki)

Joseph Carl Breil

Joseph Carl Breil


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The composer Joseph Carl Breil was a author of vocal and instrumental music; was born in Pittsburgh on the 29th June 1870, the same year of the composers Büttner, Casadesus, Coerne, Dopper, Estella, Garcia Mansilla, Hermann, Hill, Hosmer, Koreshchenko, Lehár, Lekeu, Leps, Lleó, Malherbe, Mlynarski, Moreau, Novák, Opienski, Pittrich, Pons, Pryor, Ryelandt, Schenck, Schuster, Straus, Tournemire, Truman. Died in Los Angeles on the 23th Jenuary 1926

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"Orlando of Milan" has been put on the stage in carnival 1888

"Love Laughs at Locksmiths" was performed on the 27th of October 1910 in Portland

"Prof. Tattle" has been represented in 1913

"The Seventh Chord" was performed in 1913

"The Legend" was performed in New York on the 12nd of March 1919 (Metropolitan Opera)

"Der Asra" was performed in Los Angeles on the 24th of November 1925


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