"Portrait of Alessandro Manzoni" (1841), oil on canvas, 118 x 92 cm, of the painter Francesco Hayez, contemporary of Bovy-Lysberg (Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan)

Charles-Samuel Bovy-Lysberg

Charles-Samuel Bovy-Lysberg


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Charles-Samuel Bovy-Lysberg was born in Lysberg on the first February 1821, the same year of the composers Afanas'yev, Bottesini, Byström, Conradi, Dominiceti, Doppler, Maretzek, Muzio, Paniagua y Vasques. He died in Ginevra on the 15th February 1873

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"La Fille du carillonneur" was performed in Génève on the 17th of April 1854


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