Johann Friedrich Agricola


"The Reception of the French Ambassador in Venice" (1740), oil on canvas, 181 x 259.5 cm, of the painter Giovanni Antonio Canaletto, contemporary of Agricola (Hermitage, St Petersburg)

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The musician Johann Friedrich Agricola, who wrote music for orchestra, chamber and vocal music, was born in Dobitzschen on the 4th Jenuary 1720, the same year of the composers Agnesi, Bury, Campioni, Clément, Cocchi, Corbisiero, Meyer von Schauensee, Schmid, Schürer, Scolari, Valentini. Died in Berlino on the second December 1774

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Johann Friedrich Agricola

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"Il filosofo convinto in amore" was performed in 1750 in Potsdam

"La ricamatrice divenuta dama" was performed on the 1st of November 1751 in Berlino

"Cleofide", libretto of Pietro Metastasio, has been performed in carnival 1754 in Berlino

"La nobiltà delusa" has been represented in 1754

"Il tempio d'amore", libretto of Giovanni Pietro Tagliazucchi, was performed on the 30th of September 1755 in Charlottenburg

"Achille in Sciro", libretto of Pietro Metastasio, was performed on the 16th of September 1765 in Berlino

"Amor e Psiche", libretto of Antonio Landi, has been put on the stage in October 1767 in Berlino

"Il re pastore" was performed on the 9th of October 1770 in Berlino

"Oreste e Pilade", libretto of Antonio Landi, was performed in 1772 in Berlino

"I greci in Tauride" (r. Oreste e Pilade) has been performed in March 1772 in Potsdam


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